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Our latest client

Leepeck Group are a highly successful and well established advertising and PR agency, with class leading website design Southampton. Based in Southampton their portfolio boasts an impressive list of household names and B2B clients.

One of the many things that help set the agency apart is their commitment to technology and their drive to use this creatively. Leepeck Group have been committed to the Internet since its inception, being one of the first companies to recognise and introduce the new ‘technology’ to national businesses through its e-business division.

Leepeck Group were the first company to sign up to our Partner Programme and continue to be a very active and valued member. Much of their work has deployed our software, providing their clients with jaw-dropping solutions that enhance their businesses.

” Leepeck Group provide stunning professionally developed websites that do exactly what our clients need them to do. Our choice of web service software is crucial to acheive this.

Webree’s software is flexible, easily deployed and allows us to maintain control over design whilst our clients edit their own sites. Webree’s support has aided us considerably with many involved projects where we have significantly exceede our clients’ expectations.

Our relationship with Webree is a partnership, we communicate regularly and they update us on project development progress; our feed back actually impacts their development path.”

Rob Hudson E-Business Director – Leepeck Group

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The IEA Clean Coal Centre

Based in London servicing a global membership, IEA Clean Coal Centre provides a source of unbiased information on sustainable use of coal world-wide. Services are delivered to governments and industry through direct advice, review reports, facilitation of R & D and provision of networks.

Their Clean Coal Centre provides support by a unique global resource that the members can reliably draw upon for credible and unbiased information and expertise on all aspects of the sustainable use of coal. Their Coal Online site is a major free resource providing comprehensive information on the technology of coal utilisation.

A basic aim of IEA is to foster co-operation among the twenty-four IEA participating countries in order to increase energy security through diversification of energy supply, cleaner and more efficient use of energy, and energy conservation.

To see IEA Coals sites go to either or

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