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Are expensive fonts worth it in this day and age of free custom fonts?

Students and designers alike wonder that is it worth buying fonts, when a number of free fonts are available at one’s disposal. It is difficult to put the answer as a simple yes or no and detailed look into the matter becomes essential.

Before the digital age, typefaces were all drawn by hand. This used to be a lengthy and painstaking process. Typeface is essentially a skill that takes years to master, irrespective of the era in which it is practiced. A few of the important works involved with the processes are making glyphs and making hundreds of character sets or even more. Then, it is important to space and kern the characters right. This makes sure that the color and texture are even. Type face designers are self taught. Till date, we seldom find formal training for typeface design.

If one is going for free fonts, one must make sure that they have been created by reputable foundries. Many people offer free fonts just to let new customers sign into their website. It is a promotional activity.

Only a single weight might be up for sale. This induces customers to buy the entire family. This is a good thing in essence, and one gets a chance to try before he buys. Sometimes, free fonts are available for students alone, which is a good proposition.

Nowadays, just about anyone can create and upload a font. He is not required to be a talented artist to do so. New fonts are created using font production software. This also helps one learn designing.

Sometimes, people make fonts over weekends and give them away for free. These fonts are sometimes characterized by bad curves, additional bumps and design traits that are inconsistent. At times the spacing is uneven and kern pairs are nonexistent.

Is there something problematic with downloading a free font every once in a while, if it meets your designing purpose? Most of the people do not have a trained eye that can identify the difference between fonts that are well designed and those that are not. Finely crafted typefaces are different. Free fonts make a feasible choice for personal use. For professional use, professional typefaces are preferable.

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